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Serving to the 600 million rural populations with 100+ services, multiple payment options and building a sustainable community of 20000 rural entrepreneurs.

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Near Bus Stand Routa, Baisi, Purnia

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Merchant Solution

We offer merchant solutions on our digital payment platform, streamlining transactions and enhancing business operations for seamless financial transactions.

Distributor Solution

We offer comprehensive distributor solutions within our digital payment platform, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency for seamless financial transactions.

White Label Solution

As a digital payment platform, we offer transparent white-label solutions, ensuring secure and seamless financial transactions for our clients and users.

Our Products

Tailored solutions crafted exclusively to elevate your business success.

AePs & Aadhaar Pay

We offer secure AEPS and Aadhaar Pay services, ensuring seamless financial transactions for enhanced user and business convenience.

Micro ATM

Revolutionizing transactions, our platform provides secure, convenient micro ATM services, empowering users with banking solutions.


Effortless and quick recharge services facilitated through our user-friendly platform, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenience for users.

Money Transfer

Swift and secure money transfers facilitated seamlessly through our platform, ensuring reliable and convenient financial transactions for users.

Pan Card

Simplify the Pan card application process with our platform, ensuring swift and hassle-free, accessible services for users.


Comprehensive insurance solutions integrated into our platform for secure coverage, offering peace of mind to users.

Cash Deposit

Secure and efficient cash deposit services on our platform, simplifying transactions and enhancing financial convenience for users.

Bill Payments

Simplify life with our platform, offering hassle-free utility bill payments for a seamless and convenient experience.

A Dashboard , Myriad Services

Start banking services at your shop without needing working capital. Provide uninterrupted access to cash, transfers, deposits, savings, insurance, and loans.

Unlock a monthly income of Rs. 25,000+ by featuring 25+ products and services at your shop. No upfront capital needed.

Our Solutions

Accessible Finance: Everywhere for Everyone

Cultivate widespread prosperity by broadening financial access through the nation's premier agent banking network. Paving the way for an inclusive society, we envision progress and opportunities for all.

  • 30,000 No of retailers
  • Fast, Save & Secure
  • 99% Success Rate
  • 24*7 Support

“The team excelled, addressing all my queries with excellent cooperation and communication.”

Arbind Kumar


“Aasan Pe stands out as my choice for this project, providing service and support, making them the top overall provider in every aspect.”

Nirmay Signh

White Label

“I wholeheartedly endorse Aasan Pe and plan to collaborate with them in the future. Highly recommend their services.”

Sanjai Ji


“Extremely satisfied with their service. They comprehended my website needs effectively and delivered promptly, showcasing understanding of requirements.”



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